Wellhead booster pumping unitwith a magnetic coupling for reservoir pressure maintenance

Wells and group of wells (in the case of surface hole execution), where it is necessary to "booster" the injection pressure to the design pressure.
Equipment diagram
1 - Electric motor; 2 – Mounting;
3 - Magnetic coupling; 4 - Manometer (supply);
5 - Manometer (discharge); 6 - Flow meter
7 - Frame; 8 - Suspended flange
9 - Column flange; 10 - Jacket
11 - ESP; 12 – Check valve
13 - Tubing; 14 - Packer
15 - Control station; 16 - Heating system
The fluid injection is supplied through a low or high-pressure water pipeline. Water flows through the intake line and flow meter into the wellhead, which the pump is connected to. The pressure monitoring in the intake line is performed with a pressure sensor. Rotation from the motor shaft to the pump shaft is transmitted by means of a magnetic coupling. The hermetic separation between the high and low pressure zones is carried out using a titanium sleeve of the coupling. The pump creates excess water pressure required for pumping. The control station maintains the necessary operating parameters with the ability to create PID control. If necessary, the package is equipped with a depth pressure and temperature gauge, as well as a geo-cable with an optic fiber module for hydrodynamic studies conducting.
Key Features
  1. Ensuring the required injection parameters;
  2. No need to design the site for the installation;
  3. Easy to service and maintain the equipment (by means of crane technology);
  4. Ability to work in combination with submersible electric valves during simultaneous-separate injection.