Oil-flushed relief valve

Wells where it is necessary to organize a pressure release of the annular gas to ensure additional fluid flow into the well.
A feature such wells is a significant amount of annular gas. During outgassing, the joints icing of shut-off and control devices occurs, that leads in the future to abnormal gas discharge or completely overlapping of the discharge section.

Oil-flushed relief valve (RVOF -3.0) is a shut-off and control device that relieves excess gas pressure from the annular space into the oil pipeline at a determined maintained pressure drop from 0.1 to 3.0 MPa. When the actual annular pressure decreases below the set relief or linear pressure, the RVOF – 3.0 acts as a check valve.
The elimination of the shut-off and regulating elements freezing of the Valve is ensured by heating the body with a constant flow of the produced fluid. Valve design excludes the separation of the well fluid from the flushed surfaces of the internal channels by the gas flow, thus, full contact of the produced fluid with the valve body is achieved, providing maximum heat transfer from the well fluid to the valve body.

Key Features:
  1. No freezing of the valve shut-off and control elements. Ability to work without the heating electric cable usage;
  2. Possibility of controlled relief of the annular gas pressure in the range of 0.1 - 3.0 MPa;
  3. Elimination of the waxing deposits influence on the normal performance of the shut-off and control elements of the Valve;
  4. Performing both the role of a shut-off and control device and a check valve.