Plunger pump unit with a hybrid drive
  1. Marginal wells (flow rate up to 30 m3/day);
  2. Wells with a depth of more than 1500 m;
  3. Wells having complex deviated profile of the wellbore, where the usage of plunger pumps with rods is limited.
In the plunger pump unit with a hybrid drive, the ESP operation is converted into a reciprocating movement of the working body of the plunger pump (PP). A special hydraulic pump consisting of an ESP and a hybrid drive (HD) is driven by a submersible electric motor (SEM). The ESP drive fluid is pumped in a closed loop inside the hydraulic pump.
During such operation, HD plunger movement in the cylinder of the hybrid drive is realized, as well as the rigidly connected PP plunger moves relating to the cylinder of the PP.

Key Features
  1. The possibility of the Equipment application for the operation at marginal and deep wells with a complex profile of the wellbore.
  2. Possibility of stepless change of the equipment operation parameters according to information from control devices.
  3. Diagnostics of the capability of the hybrid drive and plunger pump main components is possible according to the presence of wellhead flow rate parameter, pressure alterations in HD and temperature changes at the inlet line of HD.
Equipment diagram
1 - SEM
2 - ESP
3 - Hybrid drive (GD)
4 - Plunger pump (PP)
5 - SEM cable
6 - Tubing
7 – ESP control station
8 - Control station of the plunger pump unit with a hybrid drive