Submersible electrical valve «MIXER» for fluid production from two reservoirs

Wellhead equipment

Wells with two producing layers operated by rod pump installations.

The electrovalve «MIXER» is mounted at the inlet of the electric submersible pump (ESP) above the packer. The equipment provides the implementation of individual modes for single-lift single-pump operation of layers, as well as the ease of the produced products accounting and the ability to conduct research on every productive horizon.

1 - Wellhead fittings;

2 - Wellhead sealer;

3 - Control station.

Downhole equipment
Key Features
1. Maximum application of standard component parts (standard pumping equipment, standard packer equipment, standard wellhead equipment);
2. Implementation of the simultaneous-separate production technology with the provision of individual bottomhole pressure for the reservoirs by choking one or both layers with the possibility of periodical measuring the true flow rate of each layer.
3. Possibility of operation in the mode of separate-alternate production, which provides the possibility of optimizing fluid withdrawal by layers, with the possibility of current estimated flow rate measurement by object or periodically measuring the true flow rate of each reservoir.
4. Providing remote control for operating parameters and their changes during the well operation in real time.
5. Compactness and low metal consumption of equipment.

1 - ESP;

2 - Power cable;

3 – Submersible electric motor (SEM) in the casing;

4 – Geophysical cable;

5 - MIXER for SSP;

6 – Assembly joint;

7 – Packer.