Submersible electrical valve «DEVIDER» for water injection into two reservoirs

Wellhead equipment
Injection wells with two injection targets (reservoirs).
Injection is carried out from the wellhead through the one lift to two layers. The "DIVIDER for SSI" with an electric valve is installed in a well between the tubing string and the two-packer assembly. The fluid coming from the wellhead through the tubing to the «DIVIDER» equipment is divided into two flows. One flow is injected into the formation located between the packers, and the other one into the formation located under the lower packer. The flow rate and injection pressure regulations are carried out by the position changing of the control valve, which is part of the electric valve. Position changing command of the valve is transmitted to a geophysical cable from a special control station located at the wellhead.
Краткое описание
1 - Wellhead fittings;
2 - Flow meter;
3 - Wellhead sealer;
4 - Control station.

Downhole equipment
Key Features
1. Low metal consumption of the package (one lift column).
2. Standard injection fittings application.
3. Refusal from the geophysical crew attracting for carrying out expensive and low-success work on the package chokes replacing in order to adjust and measure the injection parameters in layers. The channels choking level in the electric valve is changed by an electrical signal supplying from the wellhead control station. This signal can be corrected from the local control unit or online, if it’s necessary.
4. There is no need to use a deep flow metering unit as part of the assembly. Periodic control of the injected volumes in the formations is carried out by a wellhead flow meter.
5. There is the ability to control the pressure and temperature of the injected fluids online at the both of layers.
1 - Geophysical cable;
2 - Tubing;
3 - DIVIDER for SSI;
4 - Tubing (89 mm);
5 - Tubing (42 mm);
6 – On/off tool;
7 - Upper packer;
8 - Сirculating valve;
9 - Lower packer.